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Cardiolyse is a cloud ECG and HRV analysis platform that provides real-time remote monitoring of heart health.

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Quick Facts

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Investment-Type: Subordinated loan

Venture Category

Digital Health

Financing Round

Pre-Series A

Business Phase
Investment Offer

Funding Target

€ 1 m

Funding Threshold

€ 100.000



Pre-money Valuation

€ 7 m

Investor Yield

9,5 % p.a. base interest + Revenue share 2022-2025


Cardiolyse - Comprehensive heart health analysis for greater longevity.

Cardiolyse is a cloud ECG & HRV* analysis platform that enables real-time remote monitoring of heart health and provides simple, personalized, and data-driven reports to identify risks up to two months in advance.

*ECG: Electrocardiography
*HRV: Heart Rate Variability

An innovative Remote CVD patients monitoring solution that closes a gap in the market

Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death globally. An estimated 18.6 million people died from CVDs in 2019, representing 32% of all global deaths. Of these deaths, 85% were due to heart attack and stroke. The cost to the worldwide economies is as high as 1 trillion euros worldwide for CVD patient treatments.
A quarter of patients who have suffered a heart attack in the past are hospitalized again with a second attack. Integrated into the current hospital workflow, the Cardiolyse platform offers the most efficient solution on the market for predictive cardiology analytics and significantly reduces the number of patients with critical cardiac events.

Finnish excellence

Founded in 2016 in Finland, it is Cardiolyse’s mission to serve an unmet medical need in heart failure and other CVD around the world.

Cardiolyse offers high value for all involved. As the only platform covering heart failure analysis, Cardiolyse helps the pharmaceutical industry in the clinical development of HF (heart failure) drugs and likewise healthcare providers as a tool for remote monitoring of HF patients.

Active business units:

Why and for whom:

With its heart health analysis system and remote patient monitoring, Cardiolyse aims to prevent hospital readmissions and provide personalized insights and reports for:

  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Insurance companies

Financial planning: significant revenue growth predictions

Planned revenue in T€

What makes Cardiolyse unique?

Cardiolyse combines automatic resting ECG & Holter data analysis & HRV analysis (up to 30 days) and ensures assessment and monitoring of cardiac and and fatigue risk, allowing clinicians to be alerted to critical cases.

Key Highlights

Web-integrated Dashboard

Fully working, secure cloud

Integrated, digital ECG device

Product for patients

Cardiolyse offers higher quality of medical supervision for patients who are discharged from hospitals and dangerous heart events prevention.

Product for pharma

The Heart Health ML-Platform is a decision support tool for new cardio-related drug development as well as a platform for remote clinical trials in heart failure.

Product for healthcare

Cardiolyse operates a remote monitoring platform for post-hospital discharge and chronic patients. It leads to a cost and hospital staff burden reduction, driven by eliminating physician office visits and by hospital readmission prevention.

Product for insurance companies

Cardiolyse helps to guarantee cost-effectiveness for reduction of hospital admissions and expensive emergency care.

Product for businesses and the public sector

Effective and effortless tracking of fatigue risks and recovery level for critical safety of job employees.

Positive clinical results and validation

  • CE certification Class IIa for 19 types of arrhythmias and myocardial infarction detection
  • Analysis of 500K people data-set in collaboration with University of Oxford and China Kadoorie BioBank
  • Published articles together with OU
  • Human study in rural Western Ukraine area testing 21.000 people (27 lives saved)

Clear roadmap for funds usage

Cardiolyse has the ambition to become a leading provider of Digital HF Services in the UK, Italy and Germany within the next 5 years and enter the US market in 2 years.

Cardiolyse is aiming at a total of € 11.0m of funding within the years 2021—2024 and achieve break-even by 2024.

Management Team

Entrepreneurs with excellent track records, accompanied by a scientific advisory board of leading European researchers.

Anna Starynska
Co-Founder, CEO

Serial entrepreneur with 20+ years of experience in multinational projects.

Max Boreyko

7 years of experience in healthcare technology development with medical algorithms.

Illya Tschaikowski
Co-Founder, CSO

25+ years in cardiology, functional diagnostics, multiple doctorates.

Normunds Daudiss

More than 15 years of experience in business development & sales, commercialization of innovations.

Advisory board

Cosimo Pulli
Consultant for global development

Pharma Executive with 25+ years of experience in business development (ex-CEO Chiezi, Italy).

Massimo Gualerzi
Scientific advisor

Experienced medical director and cardiologist leading scientific departments of non-profit organizations and corporations.



Cardiolyse Oy Contact & Legal Notice

Cardiolyse Oy
GE Health Innovation Village at GE, 
2 Kuortaneenkatu,
00510, Helsinki,

Commercial Register: 2773211-3
Registered Office: Finnish Trade Register
Year of Incorporation: 2016
Managing Director: Anna Starynska